The SmokeHouse was built at the end of WWII and is one of the few L.A. restaurants of that era to survive to today. It has the decor and aura of a different age and has grown steadily with the growth of the movie industry and through word of mouth in the Burbank community.

The original restaurant was located at the corner of Pass and Riverside avenue and seated 46 people and was enjoyed by local luminaries like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. The Smokehouse was so successfull and packed with customers that they soon began looking for a new building. In 1949 the Smokehouse moved to its current location where the Red Coach Inn was built.


Built beside the world famous Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California, the SmokeHouse is a favorite hang out for actors, producers, and anyone else in the industry. In the 60’s in was common to come in for lunch and find the place filled with costumed cowboy and indian extras having lunch.

When you finish at


shared below,

walk across the street to the



Located directly across the street

from this iconic studio, it has been


'watering hole' and 'hangout' 

of the stars for many, many, years. 

It's filled with beautiful pictures of the

 past, and its martini's, clam chowder

& garlic bread are world renowned!


This place is NOT to be missed!



 Visit the studio where most of you favorite Western's were made, IT'S THEIR 60TH ANNIVERSARY. TOO!!







The gift shop is fabulous!!!!


        The HOME of our beloved GUNSMOKE!!!

Where it was filmed

Just a few blocks down from 


the venue of the event!

It was right  here in Studio City that HOLLYWOOD re created the city of DODGE

Where Miss Kitty, Newly, Chester, Sam and Doc Adams drove to work each day, entered the gates of the studio, and walked the streets of Dodge City. 

Many Westerns were filmed on this lot...it was once REPUBLIC PICTURES, home of John Wayne and the B Western, and is a working studio today!

Drive by and take a look inside!

Whn in L.A., take advantage of all there is to DO and to SEE. I've listed but a few...check out their websites for hours of operation!

STAY TUNED........

for MORE  information on HOT SPOTS........

You'll  see a display on the



'Cactus Mack', Glenn Strange


Rex Allen

Visit the SCI-FI career of Glenn Strange,

and see neon signs from the ICONIC venues around

the area..

There is so much to see when you're visiting the Los Angeles area!

Check out this page for just a FEW ideas, while making your travel plans!

The WALK of WESTERN STARS began in 1981 to honor the legends of Western film, television and radio who have contributed to America's heritage since 1900.

The Old West comes alive again each year when the western stars are immortalized in bronze and terrazzo tile on the streets of Old Town Newhall during the city's Cowboy Festival.

You can walk the streets and see them all, and visit the sites on the right....all while you're in town!

BUCK TAYLOR, DENNIS WEAVER and AMANDA BLAKE  have been given the honor..if you'd like to see GLENN STRANGE, CACTUS MACK, and BEN BATES honored with a saddle for their contributions...please send them a request!

Cactus and Glenn are amongst the oldest of their Western entertainers, leaving the O BAR O Cowboys to a young Roy Rogers, and starting up the HOOT GIBSON RODEO in Santa Clarita at the old Baker Ranch, (now the Saugus Speedway) in 1930!

They worked in all of John Waynes B Westerns,

sang at COWBOY PARK ( on Sierra Hwy & Solamint)

and pioneered their way in Hollywood as singers, songwriters and stuntmen. All taking place in Santa Clarita prior to their ending their careers on GUNSMOKE

the longest running TV Western!

All voting takes place online

~Click Here to visit~


Here you can visit with true relics of  Hollywood, and the surrounding area...ALL where the Westerns were made!

Nestled in the hills where they shot

'The Lone Ranger' and more.

On Friday night September 22, 2017


was honored for his performance as BUTCH CAVENDISH

in the iconic series


when  the rock from which  he ambushed the Texas Rangers

on the iconic series will be dedicated in his name by the


where the show was filmed!